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Please email with the following


1. Product name and quantity,

2. Colour preference - Limestone Grey or Sandy Sandstone

3. Your name and shipping address.


We will then send you a quote with the shipping cost included to collect payment.

026 Faux Limesone Planter Rock



This Beautiful Limestone Planter Rock is "carved out" to allow owners to plant seasonal flowers. Perfect for any garden, patio, or rooftop oasis.


Weight: 250-280 lbs

Material Specifications:

  • Cement type: Portland type 10

  • Sand Bagged Silica Grade 60

  • PolyMesh - Non fibrillated and drawn without lubricant

  • Paint - water based acrylics and stains

  • Sealer - High solids non yellowing, matt non toxic waterbased sealer

  • 7 days strength is tested at 56 MPA


Construction method specifications:

  • Each boulder has been moulded from a real boulder

  • P.P.F.R.C. is pnematically applied in 3 layers each being compacted with a perferated roller

  • Each casting is given 16 hours to cure before stripping

  • Once stripped they are hydrated and given a full 48 hour cure before shippment

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