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Making a house into a home

The first step someone does to make their house feel welcoming indoors is to add art and family photos. The First thing a person does to the outdoors to make a house into a home is add a garden. The great secret to every great garden to add water in one form or another.

Water pulls wildlife of all forms. For the bird lovers there is no better way to bring them in, any fountain or shallow/ slower moving water will see birds of all kinds come in for a drink or a bath.

Those that add a water feature to their yards will find themselves pulled outdoors, children love to play in and around water, seeing fish, seeing the rush of water brings joy to family's dogs and cats alike. The sound itself will release negtaive ions into the air and cause a relaxation and peace of mind.

These water gardens are an incredible way to reconnect the family with nature, a time away from devices, and an even a great way to cancel out the sound of traffic and close neighbours.

Ponds done right

Click to check out all the incredible possibilities for a pond that fits your needs


Fountains Transform any area

Fountainscapes are endless in their possibilities and can fit in even the smallest space.



For those that love the natural look and sound of a beautiful waterfall but have no desire to keep fish, aquatic plants or have the extra maintaince of a pond there is a solution! The Pondless waterfall can be scaled to any size and shape and  budget.

Pondless Waterfalls

Rainwater Collection

A rain harvesting system is a perfect addition to any Garden, pond or fountain feature. Every great Gardener knows just how much better rain water is for the vegetables and plants than chlorinated water. Also for the fish lovers out there adding chlorinated water to a fish pond without treatment can be dangerous to the health and safety of your fish friends.

Rain water Harvesting

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