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Making a house into a home

The first step someone does to make their house feel welcoming indoors is to add art and family photos. The first thing a person does to the outdoors to make a house into a home is add a garden. The great secret to every great garden to add water in one form or another.

Water pulls wildlife of all forms. For the bird lovers there is no better way to bring them in, any fountain or shallow/ slower moving water will see birds of all kinds come in for a drink or a bath.

Those that add a water feature to their yards will find themselves pulled outdoors, children love to play in and around water, seeing fish, seeing the rush of water brings joy to family's dogs and cats alike. The sound itself will release negative ions into the air and cause a relaxation and peace of mind.

These water gardens are an incredible wat to reconnect the family with nature, a time away from devices, and a great wat to cancel out the sound of traffic and close neighbors.

Fountainscapes are an incredible way to get into water features. They are low maintenance, scalable, they add colour, sound, and turn a normal garden into a destination for both people and wildlife like birds.

These beautiful features can really transform any garden. Depending on the intention a fountain can become a focal point or a backdrop to an already established garden. Those with a small backyard paradise there isn't room for large waterfalls, or ponds but still want that relaxing sound that helps drown out the sounds of the neighbourhood.



Water features are addicting! They bring a sense of joy and wonder to everyone that sees one. That being said some people don't have time or a wish for fish, and working with an ecosystem but LOVE and WANT the sound of water to wash away the stress of the day, or a shallow area for their young children and pets to play in without worrying. Businesses love these because they gain peoples attention and don't require the fence around it that a pond or pool would. They give the most amount of natural looking and sounding joy with the least amount of work.


Those that love water will LOVE an ecosystem Pond. These are living evolving things that bring relaxation and joy into the lives of those that have them. They are an evolution of the traditional Garden, allowing you to plant flowers like the lily that thrive inn water. On top of that they become the home owners outdoor work of art! Adding in beautifully coloured fish like Koi its impossible not to interact, watch and enjoy your pond. They attract birds and wildlife as much as they attract guests! Check out some of our beautiful ponds that may inspire your own Pond

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