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Medium Rock Sign

C$730.00 + lettering + tax 

The Medium Rock Sign stands 6' tall with a 2.5' x 1.5' base.


This offers a unique but consistent option for people looking for a natural address, or directional sign. 


We offer three styles of colouring from the Pink Granites, Grey Limestone, and Sandy Sandstones.


Lettering comes in three different sizes. Each letter printed is priced accordingly below:


3" @ $3.00 per letter or number

6" @ $6.00 per letter or number 

9" @ $9.00 per letter or number



Please send an email to with the following;


1. Name of product and quantity

2. Colour - Pink Granites, Grey Limestone, or Sandy Pink Sandstones

3. Letter Size - 3", 6", or 9" 

4. Message you would like printed on stone

5. Your name and shipping address


We will then send you a quote with shipping included to collect payment.

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