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Crafting Nature's Details with Rockscapes of Canada Inc.

Nearly 40 years ago, our parents embarked on an amazing journey that is now Rockscapes of Canada! Utilizing concrete, steel, and their artistic talents, they transformed ordinary concrete into magnificent works of art.

It all began in the mid-1980s when our founder, Dan Mangan, fueled by his fascination with rock formations, laid the foundation for what would become a thriving family business. With our mother, Georgina Mangan, leading the artistic charge, meticulously painting each rock to emulate nature's beauty, we set out on a path to redefine landscaping.

Today, we proudly carry forward their legacy, having completed numerous high-profile projects that have left an indelible mark on landscapes across the country. From the rainforest waterfalls of the Ontario Science Center to the majestic exhibits at the Royal Ontario Museum, our creations invite you to witness the magic of nature recreated through art.

Specialists in Rock Reproduction


We take pride in specializing in the re-creation of actual rock formations, meticulously molded from real rock faces or boulders. With the ability to reproduce most geological formations, our artificial rock features are both easy to construct and lightweight. From private grottos to cascading waterfalls, rock gardens, streams, spas, or retaining walls, the possibilities are endless with our versatile products.

Advanced Reproduction System


At the heart of our craftsmanship lies our advanced reproduction system, which allows for the precise replication of granite and limestone rock outcrops, walls, and waterfalls. Utilizing latex molds to capture the shape and finest details of real rocks, we then employ a proprietary polypropylene fiber reinforced cement (PPFRC) matrix to create ridged castings that mirror the original formations with unmatched accuracy.

Limitless Creativity


With a vast selection of castings available in both granite and limestone, we offer limitless flexibility in the creative process. Landscape architects no longer face limitations when dealing with areas where stacking rocks may be impractical or contrived. Our artificial rock formations provide complete flexibility while maintaining authenticity, weighing only approximately 10 pounds per square foot, ensuring ease of installation and versatility in design.


Artificial Trees and Roots


In addition to rock formations, we also excel in replicating trees and roots with exquisite detail and scale. These artificial trees serve a functional and lasting purpose in recreating natural habitats, adding depth and realism to outdoor landscapes.


As the industry leader in artificial rock landscaping, Rockscapes of Canada Inc. continues to redefine outdoor design with their commitment to quality, innovation, and authenticity.

At Rockscapes of Canada, we believe in creating more than just landscapes; we craft experiences, memories, and havens of peace and beauty. Whether it's a small residential fountain or a large-scale museum installation, each project reflects our dedication to bringing nature's beauty to life.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting adventure and supporting us along the way! Make sure you are following us on YouTube for all of our captivating builds and transformations. Don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe button to stay updated on our latest projects!

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