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How transforming your backyard can add value to your home and family

It is no secret that we are spending too much time indoors in front of a TV instead of outdoors enjoying all the benefits that nature can provide.

There are a number of barriers that keep us indoors (especially during the winter months!) Including not enough green spaces in our communities, small or uninspiring backyards, and the comforts that the indoors provide. That being said there has been a trend building steam over the past couple years. Bringing the comforts and luxuries of the indoors to the great outdoors. No matter the size of the backyard, people are creating outdoor living rooms. Fireplaces, or fire pits, comfortable and durable outdoor furniture, heaters to extend the seasons, spas, pools, and possibly the biggest way is to transform that tired BBQ set up into a full on outdoor kitchen.

There are a number of ways to make that smaller backyard into a 3 season family room that you can be proud of having guests over. We have created a number of ways to help! Custom fire pits, a panel system that allows us to build custom kitchens and fireplaces in a day or two, allowing less disruption and more time to enjoy! Custom rockspas, waterfalls and fountains to drown out the noise of the neighborhood and nearby roads and as pictured above the ability to turn those hilly backyards that are hard to enjoy into funtional areas for gardens, walkways, waterfalls and more.

If you want you and your family to spend more quality time outside together, call us and we can help brainstorm with you! No idea where to start? Check out the rest of our website, check out our Instagram, or scour Pinterest and call us with your dream backyard already pinned up!



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