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Building My Dog A $4000 Watering Bowl - Pondless Water Feature

Updated: Apr 28

I wanted to share with you a special project I recently undertook; building a $4,000 watering bowl for my dog. Now, you might be thinking this couldn’t be true but let me assure you—it is!

In this blog, I will take you through the exciting journey of creating a unique ecosystem pondless water feature that doubles as my dog's favourite drinking bowl.


The Vision


It all started with a vision to give my beloved pup Nessa, a natural and constantly filtered source of water. Inspired by aquascaping techniques, I decided to integrate an ecosystem pondless feature with a patio pond that would serve as a wetland filter, providing my dog with fresh, clean water at all times.

Planning and Execution


With just 8 hours spread over a Sunday and a week of after-work effort, I embarked on this project. First, I gathered the necessary materials and loaded them onto my truck. Then, the real work began—I hand-dug the area, setting up a pondless system that required about 180 gallons of storage. Using an Aquablox and a pondless waterfall vault, I ensured a smooth flow of water, creating a serene environment for us all to enjoy.


The Construction Process


I meticulously laid out the plumbing, incorporating a Spillway for optimal water filtration. While I typically prefer using a Biofalls for pondless systems, I adapted to suit this unique setup. Drawing from years of experience in crafting awe-inspiring features across Canada, I poured my heart into this personal project, ensuring it was perfect for my dog.

Adding a Touch of Nature


To enhance the natural feel, I layered stones and introduced plants like hydrangeas and herbs around the pond. These additions not only beautified the area but also contributed to the ecosystem's balance. I even dared to experiment with growing a tomato plant, although my dog's opinion on that remains uncertain!

The Finishing Touches


To complete the ambiance, I installed lighting that accentuated the area's charm, especially during evening barbecues under the giant maple tree. The flickering light created a mesmerizing backdrop, turning the entire backyard into a haven!

So, there you have it—a $4,000 aquascape ecosystem pondless waterfall that doubles as my dog's favourite drinking bowl. This project was a labor of love, combining functionality with aesthetics to create a unique oasis for my dog.

As with any water feature, it's bound to evolve over time, but for now, it stands as a testament to the bond between humans, pets, and nature.

Make sure you check out the full in-depth process over on our Youtube channel!!


I hope this blog inspires you to embark on your own creative ventures for your furry friends. Stay tuned for more DIY adventures. Until next time!





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