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This custom built water fountain is 3' in diameter and 4' tall. The intention of this piece is meant to look like an old tree was cut down in place and repurposed to become a center of attention as a water fountain. We recommend burying 6" of the base. When purchasing this piece of art we can replicate any type of tree in your area as well as have it ready for a easy connection to the base of the stump.

Artificial Log Water fountain

  • If you have choosen to install this piece yourself it is important that you follow these simple instructions:


    Rent the right equipment! - a medium sized skid steer will work great just act with care.

    mark the area you intend to install

    dig down 8"

    add 2" of crushed stone tamped down

    gently place the piece down

    add water

    plug in the pump



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