Toronto Zoo - Savannah Project

Rockscapes of Canada Inc. had the pleasure of working with the Toronto Zoo, Marshall, Macklin, Mongahan Ltd. on this monumentious project. The African Savannah Project was at the time, the single largest project the zoo had undertaken since its original construction. It was over 55,000sqft of both cast panels and Shotcrete. This area houses Lions, Cheetahs, baboons, Rhinos, Hippos, Zebras and various other African animals of the Savannah.

A few Key Features:

- The lion cave and outlook required an opening big enough for maintenance vehicles to drive through while still maintaining a natural look

-The massive outcrop of Kopje Rock hid the maintenance entrances from public view

-The Rhino outlook created a natural area for both the public and the animals

-A friendly maze of dried river banks leads people to the edge of the Savannah inhabited by the Rhinos, with Zebras as a back drop.

Canadian Society of Landscape Architects honours the Zoo and Marshall, Macklin Mongahan Ltd. with the National Merit and Regional Honour awards for the African Savanna Exhibit.

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