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Artificial Rock Vs. Real Rock Pt. 1

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Choosing the right material for the best possible results

Artificial Rock
Artificial Rock

Real rock vs artificial rock on the small scale

Real rock is an important tool to use when landscaping your backyard. We not only utilize real rock where it makes sense but we take moulds of these rocks for an ever expanding catalogue to meet customers needs.

Real rock is ideal for landscaping small retaining walls, single use landscaping boulders and finding unique artistic pieces. They are ideal when you can have heavy equipment run though without worry about destroying the property. Typically used when completely redoing the backyard, as the real rock is extremely heavy! We like to use real rock in small retaining walls that don't go higher than the height of a single rock. Once you start stacking rocks there is no way to replicate nature. Nature doesn't neatly stack rock on top of each other. If there is a granite or Limestone wall it is continuous.

Artificial Rock boulders are perfect for adding a few landscaping rocks to your finished garden, or rooftop patio. They are light enough for two reasonably strong people to carry and place, but heavy enough that they wont blow away! Our faux rocks are molded from real rock so there is little to no difference in the look and feel, ensuring that it only adds to your landscape. The added benefit of the artificial rock is that its hollow, meaning that you can actually use it to HIDE unsightly things like old stumps, garden hoses, and well covers.



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