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The Ultimate Backyard Man Cave

Updated: Mar 24

Ever dreamt of having your very own backyard man cave where you can kick back and relax in style? Well, we've got you covered! Picture stepping into your own personal oasis, where every detail is designed to transport you to the rugged beauty of a natural cave. With realistic rock formations, a cascading waterfall, and a refreshing pool, this space is like no other.

In this blog, we'll take you through the process of creating the ultimate outdoor retreat we designed for our clients. From planning to finishing touches, we'll break it down into simple steps so you can understand what it takes to bring your dream space to life!

Dream and Design

Do you envision a cozy hangout spot with a bar, or maybe a chill space with a TV and comfy seating? Whatever your dream, we will work with you to design a plan that fits your backyard and budget perfectly. And this project was no exception! Say goodbye to an old poolside pergola and hello to a man cave masterpiece!

Build the Bones

Once we nailed down the design, it was time to get to work! We start by putting together the giant structure of the man cave using sturdy steel. We make sure everything is solid and secure before moving on to the next step. Once completed, we then cut all our panels to fit the shape that we wanted, and this was quite a process for this particular case as we weren’t able to bring in any machinery, so we had to do everything with a genie lift.

Add Some Flair

After welding all the panels and forming our cave, next came the fun part – adding those special touches that make your man cave unique. We incorporated custom features like cool shelving for your favourite drinks and funky lighting to set the mood. It's all about making your space feel like it's tailored just for you!

Coat and Finish

With the structure in place, it's time to give the cave some personality. We applied our fibre coating to the walls to create texture, then added layers of finish coat and paint to create that natural limestone look, that is just so stunning.

Brush Work


For a cave feature like this, brush work is a very important part of the final look. As when you're working with multiple panels you do not want the seams to be seen! We obviously want everyone walking by to feel like this is one piece of rock. So again, the brush work and use of different stippling tools are so important in helping shape the walls and adding in that natural texture and feel of real rock.

Extra Goodies

If you are thinking of adding some unique features to a cave design like this, the sky is limit for us and we welcome all ideas! For this cave, the client wanted to add in a last-minute bathroom for convenience. But maybe you want to add in a waterfall for ambiance or even a swim up bar. We will hook you up with whatever extras you fancy, seamlessly blending them into the design!

Finishing Touches

As we wrap things up, we add those final touches to make your man cave feel like home. Think comfy furniture, cool decor, television, and mood-setting lighting – all chosen with your comfort and enjoyment in mind.

And there you have it – your very own backyard man cave, ready to be enjoyed! With the help of our expert team, you've turned your outdoor space into a personalized retreat where you can unwind and entertain in style. So go ahead, invite your friends over, crack open a cold one, and enjoy your new favourite hangout spot!

Make sure to check out the FULL project in our video here:

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