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Transform Your Outdoor Space with This Easy DIY Aquascape Stacked Sphere Water Fountain!

Make a statement in your garden by adding a unique water feature this Spring! This lightweight, durable fiber-resin composite globe is built to last and provides the look and beauty of real rock but for much less. Enjoy the rippling sounds of water and light effects that turn any space into an oasis and will surely be a conversation starter!

When you think of a garden water feature, you might be inclined to go with a traditional bird bath, or a small, tiered fountain. At Rockscapes, we are all about breaking the mold with unique shapes and textures, and the Aquascape Stacked Sphere Water Fountain is the perfect option for an at home DIY project. This spherical water feature has proven to be an eye-catching addition to any landscape space, whether it be a focal point in your front garden, or an addition to a calming oasis in your backyard.

This stunning piece not only creates a standout feature on your property, but also offers wildlife a source of water while also providing the soothing sounds of cascading water. Creating relaxing and tranquil spaces inside or outside of your home has been a growing trend, with moving water having a positive impact and multitude of health benefits affecting our emotional and mental well-being. 

After 4 years of installing this product, we can say that this truly is a maintenance free, self-sustaining piece that helps to bring people outdoors and create a unique eye-catching feature that your neighbours, children and pets will all enjoy.

Available in three different sizes, small (24-inch Dia. x 22-inch H), medium (32-inch Dia. x 30-inch H) and large (40-inch Dia. x 37-inch H), the Stacked Slated Sphere offers several benefits and has multipurpose functions. This kit can be expanded upon and customized, i.e water conservation, rainwater collection unit, and nature’s bird bath.

When you purchase this kit, you will find everything needed for quick and easy installation, including an AquaBasin 45 fountain basin, plumbing, and Ultra 1500 Water Pump. 

To see how we installed this product, check out our recent video over on our Youtube channel. We share all our tips and special touches that we added to this water feature and the steps we took to complete it.

This product is not only fun to build, but simple enough for a DIY'er to take on! Just follow these steps, along with the included instruction booklet provided.

Step 1: Firstly, grab your shovel and mark out where you want the fountain to be located on your property.

Step 2: Start digging your 4x4, 18-inch-deep basin.

Step 3: Make sure you are level, and that the client approves!

Step 4: Lay down your bib liner around the edges.

Step 5: Unbox the product – inside you will find instructions along with all the components to build the product.

Step 6: Hook up the plumbing and lighting, add on the optional fire feature with the Fire Fountain Add-On Kit, sold separately.

Step 7: Add river stones after doing a test run. This will allow you to see splash zone!

Click here to watch our video: Easy DIY Fountain Install

This amazing product will be available to purchase at our Pond Shop; which is opening this Spring! In our Pond Shop you will find our tried-and-true favourites along with the newest collections from Rockscapes and Aquascapes.

Aquascapes Stacked Slated Sphere Landscape Fountain Kit has stood the test of time, lasting four years and withstanding all of Canada’s seasonal changes, which we all know can be quite brutal. Here at Rockscapes, we stand behind this product and we can help you implement this design in your space this Spring! You can find the kit on our website now ( and we will deliver it straight to your door. We also provide installation as well, so feel free to request a quote!

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