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About Us


 For almost 40 years, Rockscapes of Canada Inc. (ROC) has worked with designers and architects to bring the client’s vision to life. We provide rock reproductions of the highest quality. Our reputation is built on our workmanship and the flexibility of our product.


We have become specialists in the re-creation of actual rock formations which have been moulded from real rock faces or boulders. We can reproduce most geological formations. Easy to construct and light in weight, these rock formations can be designed to create a private grotto, cascading waterfalls, rock gardens, streams, spas or retaining walls. Click here to view some photo's of artificial rock we've created for past clients.


On this site you will learn about our process, view some of our past work and read testimonials from our satisfied clients.


You can also keep up to date with what we're working on by checking us out on social media. 


Call us for any information you might require: 1-519-833-7257

ROC’s system  allows us to reproduce granite and limestone rock outcrops, rock walls and waterfalls. A latex mould is used to replicate both the shape and the finest details of the real rock. A ridged backing maintains the exact shape of the rock formation.


Moulds are sprayed with a proprietary polypropylene fibre reinforced cement (PPFRC) matrix that forms a ridged casting of the exact same shape and texture of the original rock formation. PPFRC has been utilized for over twenty -five years; a testimonial to it’s suitability for a variety of climates.

Castings are utilized by our artisans to create an environment based upon the design provided. ROC has a large selection of castings in both granite and limestone. This extensive selection allows ROC to provide limitless flexibility in the creative process. 


For years landscape architects have had a problem dealing with areas where stacking rock was either impractical or too contrived to be believable.  Our rock formations give the landscape architect complete flexibility. Adding to it’s flexibility, is the fact our product only weighs approximately 10 pounds per square foot.     


ROC replicates trees and roots with the finest detail and scale. Artificial trees have a functional and lasting purpose in recreating natural habitats.

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