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Nordik Spa- Gatineau Quebec

Nordik Spa is the largest spa in North America. Our work consisted of a number of different phases throughout the spa. With such a beautiful setting, it was important for the designers and owner, that the natural rock remain a feature throughout the grounds, even with new buildings. Rockscapes was able to seamlessly add artificial rock beside the natural rock to create a natural oasis. 

Casino Rama and Hotel

Casino Rama wanted to honor the native heritage of the First Nations. A counsel set forth plans to ensure that nature would play a vital role throughout the complex.
Each public entrance is graced with a limestone waterfall that has two waterfalls one facing the parking lot and one facing the entrance of the hotel. When stepping into the hotel, you notice a two story granite waterfall which showcases one of the unique geologies of the area. It is one of the few areas in Ontario with granite intrusions in the limestone. This was depicted many times over throughout the project.

The War Museum

Within the War Museum, Rockscapes recreated the essence of Passchendaele, a burnt factor wall, the trenches, arches and a small section of the Berlin Wall. 

A few key features of this project:​


  • ​The flawless integration of artificial mud and duckboards with the graphic mural allowing visitors to feel like the battlefield continued towards the horizon

  • Duckboards which were hand painted with painstaking details

  • The trenches and the integration of artificial mud and wood with props and simulated bodies

Brockville Aquarium

The Brockville Aquatarium was the cumulation of a lot of hard working individuals as well as some key visionaries. Rockscapes utilized artificial rock to create the Otter Habitat, The Lake Tank, and The Turtle Pond

Science North - Science Centre

Best Western Plus Lamplighter Inn & Conference Centre

Toronto Zoo - Savannah Project

Rockscapes of Canada Inc. had the pleasure of working with the Toronto Zoo, Marshall, Macklin, Mongahan Ltd. on this monumentious project. The African Savannah Project was at the time, the single largest project the zoo had undertaken since its original construction. It was over 55,000sqft of both cast panels and Shotcrete. This area houses Lions, Cheetahs, baboons, Rhinos, Hippos, Zebras and various other African animals of the Savannah.

A few Key Features:

  • The lion cave and outlook required an opening big enough for maintenance vehicles to drive through while still maintaining a natural look

  • The massive outcrop of Kopje Rock hid the maintenance entrances from public view

  • The Rhino outlook created a natural area for both the public and the animals

  • A friendly maze of dried river banks leads people to the edge of the Savannah inhabited by the Rhinos, with Zebras as a back drop.

Canadian Society of Landscape Architects honours the Zoo and Marshall, Macklin Mongahan Ltd. with the National Merit and Regional Honour awards for the African Savanna Exhibit.

Toronto Zoo - Gorilla Habitat

This award winning Habitat was an incredible project to be part of. Rockscapes Turned a number of buttress supports into trees, creating a natural jungle gym for the Gorillas to enjoy. Each level change and retaining wall was turned into giant roots. 

In 2001: Gorilla Rainforest exhibit opens. Exhibit wins CAZA's (Canadian Association of Zoos & Aquariums) prestigious Thomas R. Baines Award for outstanding effort.

The Winnepeg Club Regent Casino

Club Regent Casino was a project that had many challenges. It would become the largest known indoor waterfall at 51' tall. It offers the visitors a unique experience right across the Casino. There is over 75,000 sqft. of rock and theme work on this project. Along with the waterfall, it offers a Mayan theme to the whole place. Shipwrecks, aquariums, palm trees, temples, and more truly immerse anyone that goes to visit. This entire project utilized P.P.F.R.C. panels and the pneumatically applied P.P.F.R.C. Because of the extremely low temperature and tight deadline of 8 months Rockscapes shipped a large quantity of panels on site so that construction could begin immediately. Once temperatures increased panels were sprayed onsite and installed the very next day.

Residential Infinity Pool

This stunning Property was Designed and Built by Rockscapes of Canada, the Client came to us looking for a solution. They had a stunning view of the Grand River, without any way to enjoy it. We worked very closely with the client to ensure that the design and budget met the vision they had. It was determined to utilize the natural setting as much as possible. With lots of big planters, a 100ft + retaining wall, a pool built into the side of a self made cliff to ensure the best viewing from every angle. 

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