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Faux Grantite Boulder Non Painted



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006 Faux Granite Boulder Non Painted

C$700.00 + tax

Size: 5’6″ X 3’6″ X 1’4″
Weight: 175- 190 lbs


Material Specifications:

  • Cement type: Portland type 10

  • Sand Bagged Silica Grade 60

  • PolyMesh - Non fibrillated and drawn without lubricant

  • Paint - water based acrylics and stains

  • Sealer - High solids non yellowing, matt non toxic water based sealer

  • 7 days strength is tested at 56 MPA


Construction method specifications:

  • Each boulder has been moulded from a real boulder

  • P.P.F.R.C. is pnematically applied in 3 layers each being compacted with a perferated roller

  • Each casting is given 16 hours to cure before stripping

  • Once stripped they are hydrated and given a full 48 hour cure before shipment

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