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Backyards with Purpose

Updated: Sep 13, 2023


A small retaining wall, pond and waterfall. The intent was to allow the level change at the edge of the property and purpose as well as create a natural trickling waterfall meant to relax any visitors.


A ponds often brings purpose to a plain backyards. Backyards today consist of a well groomed lawn with a few flowers and sometimes a deck. When sitting on that deck you may feel the pride of home ownership but you come outside less and less because of the lack of visual stimulation, there is no relaxing sounds of nature and no difference between your yard and the neighbours.

in a pond you not only invest in your property but in your family. Kids are meant to be outside, catching frogs, watching fish, swim, see birds come to bathe. The sound of the waterfall iso meant to reset the mind after a busy day and drown out the sound of neighbours and traffic.



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