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A DARING BUILD: Crafting a Unique Water Feature for Toronto’s Wayne Gretzky Oasis Bar

We are delving into the thrilling process of creating this captivating water feature we designed for a rooftop patio in the heart of Toronto. From panel preparation to the nerve-wracking moment of installation, this blog will take you along the intricate steps that led to the culmination of this amazing artificial rock waterfall fit for a hockey legend!

Panel Preparation

The adventure begins with the meticulous preparation of the panels using polypropylene fiber- reinforced cement and thin slab inserts. After 24 hours, the panels were ready to be delicately removed from the mould casting, which in this case was a breeze with the mould popping off smoothly.

Latex Stripping

We then had the delicate task of stripping off the latex from the panels, which we do by hand. Once that was complete and all the detailed intricacies of the surface were unveiled, we were ready to apply our frame!

 Unistrut Frame

With the complexity of this project, we had to craft a one-of-a-kind Unistrut frame, a requirement that indeed struck some fear in all of us! Despite this terrifying feat, the frame proved to be an essential element, ensuring this piece was delivered and set in place in one piece!


 Terrifying Lift

We all certainly held our breath as we watched the heart-stopping moment the crane lifted the Unistrut frame up FOUR stories to create this stunning backdrop behind the bar. Although we weren’t used to using a bolt-on structure, the team successfully installed the water feature with precision, which was truly an unforgettable experience!



Alongside the waterfall itself, we needed to create an elevated basin that was 100% waterproof of course! We used marine-grade plywood and lined it with polyurea, which is waterproofing material used to protect surfaces from water damage. These careful considerations ensured durability and functionality, while also maintaining a visually appealing effect.


Testing and Approval

We knew this was going to be situated behind a bar and needed to take into consideration any splatter! So, the elevated basin along with the slightest raised texture to the wall was perfect for allowing the water to flow beautifully and still provide the tranquil sounds to the visitors!

Make sure you check out our YouTube video showcasing the incredible process of installing this precast artificial rock waterfall in the heart of Toronto!

It's also worth mentioning that this was actually the second waterfall addition. The first being built by Dan (that's our Dad by the way!), which they absolutely loved, so when it came time to do a full remodel, they believed there was no choice but to have another waterfall designed by us!


Sadly, Wayne Gretzky’s Oasis Bar is no longer with us, with the ever-changing infrastructure and new condo builds popping up all over Toronto. But no less, we are still so proud of the triumphant completion of this daring project, from panel inception to the awe-inspiring installation. This Rooftop Patio water feature will still stand as a testament to creativity, innovation, and the courage it takes to tackle the most challenging lifts in the pursuit of architectural excellence!



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