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Adding interest in an existing pond

When you have an existing, mud bottom, concrete, or rocked in Liner it can be very difficult to make changes without bringing in heavy equipment, running new lines etc. These are expensive deterrents that can stop most people from making any upgrades or adding new life to a broken system. This is a huge reason that we love the Aquascapes system, and why we now stock our show room for hobbiest and builders alike. They have thought of everything. The Aquajet or the Aquaforce series are perfect for this.

Want to add a bell, Daisy or foaming jet? No problem just set the fountain in the desired spot and plug it in!

Thinking about adding a waterfall, or in pond fountain without digging in new lines? No problem there too, because the Aquaforce has great volume.

The right product for the right job.

Let us know if you ever have any questions! Online or visit us in person at 8919 county Rd 124. Either Our show room will have everything you need or we can order it in!